Friday, 1 February 2019

Challenge #74 Anything Goes Optional theme "Love is all Around" (Winner and Top 3 Challenge #73) Sponsor I Am Roses

Good Morning!!!!!

Winner and Top 3 Challenge #73  Anything Goes Optional theme "Button" 

15 Laura Corkill


You will be our Guest Designer for the challenge please contact me  so I give you the theme of the challenge. 

You have 6 days to contact us for have your price,

(and  if we don't have a message from you, one of the top 3 will

become our guest designer).

11. Janny de Graaf 

8. Brigitte 

14. Eulanda Silvey

Thank you Ladies

in the sidebar, I have the badges for the winner and for the top 3

New Challenge #74  Anything Goes Optional theme  "Love is all Around" 

The sponsor for this challenge is
I Am Roses

Our new Challege theme is Favorite Magnolia Stamps

Our Design Team A inspiration:

Guest Design Team


The challenge starts on the 1°February  of every month.
 It will close on 27 February 2019 and the winner and 
the Top 3 will be announced on 1° March 2019

Ladies thank you for your beautiful projects.

Happy Crafting x

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